Maybe Ryan Leaf Finally Hit Bottom

It's been a long fall for Ryan Leaf, the one-time WSU star and NFL flameout. He came up as a cocky kid, dominating college football, then failing badly as a pro. (He did excel at outbursts, as evidenced by this clip.) Finally, he seemed to have found some peace as a small-time college football coach. And someone made a movie about him, so that was pretty cool.

But on Wednesday he was indicted by a Texas jury for burglary and a bunch of drug charges relating to Hydrocodone. The story is that he broke into someone's apartment to steal Hydrocodone, then gave someone else something that he said was Hydrocodone but really wasn't. Apparently, Leaf is in rehab in British Columbia right now. The D.A. in the case told the Amarillo Globe News that he hoped Leaf would come back to the states of his own volition, though it sounds like he could stand to finish the rehab.

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