Mariners Waving the White Flag on This Season

So says the USS Mariner's Dave Cameron, in so many words. Management, he notes (citing this report from Geoff Baker) is telling the team's older players that the team is looking to go in a younger direction. So the older, established players ("established at what?", you might ask) are more likely to give way to promising prospects--which is exactly the opposite of what happened in the delusional Bavasi years.

In a way, the epic struggles of Beltre, Lopez, et. al. are a blessing in disguise, as they spare Jack Zduriencik the dilemma he might have previously faced--whether to sacrifice long-term viability for cheap short-term results. Either way, Beltre's likely irreparably damaged his stock, and Lopez can hardly be viewed as a promising prospect anymore. Instead, he's just a second baseman with no range who isn't in good enough shape to run a 300-yard semi-sprint.

Time to move Jarrod Washburn and Erik Bedard (the latter closing the book on a disastrous trade) and let Jack Z. work some more of the magic he displayed in turning teetering closer JJ Putz into solid outfielders Franklin Gutierrez and Endy Chavez and talented young pitcher Jason Vargas. So perhaps we should consider ourselves lucky to have a crappy team this year--Jack Z. didn't look like he was going to make a lot of bad moves anyway, but this year's struggles may be insurance for next year's successes.

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