Is That Your AK-47 in the Bushes? Police Report a Doozy of a DUI Arrest

From the SPD's Blotter: A 17-year-old driver who police believe was under the influence of alcohol crashed his sedan into two parked cars, yesterday. But here's the crazy part:

"According to witnesses the driver got out of the car armed with a rifle, then hid it in some nearby foliage. The driver returned to the car prior to the officers' arrival. Officers searched the area and quickly located an AK-47 assault rifle loaded with a 30 round 'banana' clip."

In their search of the car, police also found a couple baseball bats and a butterfly knife, which is apparently illegal to possess in Seattle. (Guns, by contrast, can be carried with a permit.) That the Blotter also noted the presence of a red bandana in the backseat perhaps suggests that the SPD believes the suspects have gang ties. The driver was booked for DUI and felony weapons possession, his 20-year-old passenger for the butterfly knife.

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