If You Were Wondering About That Discrimination at SDOT...

After yesterday's announcement of an SDOT shake-up, the Times had a great piece this morning on the messes of Paul Jackson's tenure as street maintenance director. Among the problems were a number of discrimination claims, some of which were upheld. The article, howerer, didn't specify what type of discrimination, so we asked Nickels spokesperson Alex Fryer.

"There were allegations of racial discrimination [against employees of color], reverse discrimination [against white employees], and gender bias," he said, though he didn't know which types were sustained. As to whether the city handed out any punishments in connection to the sustained, he said no, that it "implemented systems changes to make human resources work more effectively."

Meanwhile, Joe Mallahan, who was notably M.I.A. from a candidate's forum on Wednesday, put the mess at the Mayor's feet.

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