Culinary Context at SIFF

It goes without saying that all SIFF venues will be running their concession stands full tilt during the fest, which begins Thursday. During the last few weeks of press screenings, however, which often start before the Pacific Place popcorn stand is open, hungry filmgoers get creative. (Not just those of us in the media, but hungry SIFF pass-holders are generally admitted.) So I was amused earlier today to settle down for Food, Inc.--a new documentary with Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan telling us about the ills of agribusiness, feedlots, corn-fed cows, and the like--next to the delicious smell of a burger and fries. And I mean fresh, straight from the Golden Arches. So while we spent the next 90 minutes being reminded of the evils, sickness, and profits promulgated in our Fast Food Nation (Schlosser's source book), the person sitting next to me happily munched away on what we foodies are supposed to abhor. It certainly gave an ironic pungency to the screening. The film, which I'll review next week, is okay, valuable mainly if you haven't read Pollan and Schlosser (or have been living on an desert island for several years). I'd give it a guarded, one-thumbs-up kind of recommendation to the non-initiated. But the problem is, now I really want a burger for dinner tonight.

Food, Inc. Egyptian, 4:15 p.m. Sat., May 30 and 7 p.m. Sun., May 31.

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