Exec Candidates: Your New Super-Needy Boyfriend

You're making it hard not to.
A few years back I was totally crushing on this guy I'd see once every couple of months when I sang with a local classical music group. He was tall, handsome, seemed a little distant and aloof--totally swoon worthy. I just about passed out one spring day when he walked over and floated the idea of seeing a Lord of the Rings marathon together. Dreamy, a nerd, and possibly into me? Surely this was too good to be true.

It was. From the opening credits he rarely shut up, taking all the breaks to talk about things like how awesome the movie "Tommy Boy" is. It's astonishing how quickly dreamy fades into plain old annoying.

Larry Phillips and Dow Constantine might not have been crushable to begin with, but any gravitas they had as a result of holding elected office is rapidly fading under the mountain of press releases flooding in from both candidates that can be distilled down to: "Look at me! Look at me!"

Yesterday was my favorite moment so far in what has become an almost daily battle to take credit for anything and everything the King County Council does.

Within one minute of each other, both sent out press releases--using council staff, time and the accompanying tax payer dollars--to declare their support for legislation that created the position of "recovery act coordinator" to manage and keep track of how the county spends its federal stimulus package dollars.

Constantine was first out of the gate, and says he authored the legislation. Phillips was sixty seconds behind with a statement applauding the measure. Way to create some bureaucracy, guys!

Today saw an e-mail blast from Constantine praising the Governor for signing the tunnel legislation, followed by a note of encouragement from Phillips for county Department of Transportation employees who applied for grants to get things like electric car charging stations. They don't even have the money yet.

The Executive hopefuls can't actually campaign via the county communications staff so the wording is careful to avoid anything that sounds like a pitch for votes. But I can't remember the last time I got a press release from Pete Von Reichbauer or Larry Gossett.

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