Everybody's Going to Montreal

Okay, not really, but two more are on the list of people the city is sending to Montreal for the "Intercity Study Mission" reported by Joel Connelly at seattlepi.com. As Connelly notes, the mayor, is visiting the French-speaking Canadian city along with transportation department director Grace Crunican and deputy mayor Tim Ceis May 27 - 29 and we're picking up the tab.

Turns out James Keblas with the mayor's film and music office (you kids remember him as a founder of the Vera Project), and Steve Johnson, director of the Economic Development Office, are tagging along as well. Mayoral spokesperson Alex Fryer says the city is also paying their way.

Fryer says he doesn't have a total for the trip, but Connelly reports that Ceis and Crunican are going at a rate of about $2,800. The mayor's tab will be about a thousand dollars less. But if Keblas and Johnson are costing the same, the total is pushing up over $13,000.

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