Donaldson Undaunted By Drago Entry

When veteran political consultant Blair Butterworth jettisoned mayoral candidate James Donaldson for Jan Drago's camp, it seemed an ominous sign for the 7'2" ex-Sonic, who would almost assuredly be the tallest head government honcho in American (if not world) history if elected. But Donaldson recently signed up a new consultant/campaign manager, Cindi Laws, who's also running City Attorney Tom Carr's re-election campaign, and says he has no regrets about his decision to switch his ambitions from city council to mayor.

When asked if he had second thoughts about vying for the city's top spot, Donaldson says, "Not at all. This is really exciting to me. I've just been so enthused about it since day one. I was excited about the campaign for city council, but this is a whole new level of things. What's at stake is so much greater."

With Laws on board, Donaldson says they're going to "change our strategy a little bit -- a lot more of the grassroots effort, getting away from being on the phone 20 hours a week and getting out there and letting people know what the campaign is about and who I am as a person."

Of Drago's entry, he says simply: "I welcome her to come in and be part of the mayoral race. I think it adds some interesting elements to it."

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