Craigslist Dropping Erotic Services

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A group of attorneys general has pressured Craigslist into dropping its Erotic Services section and replacing it with a monitored adult section. The change was driven by the recent Boston Craigslist killing, in which a medical student allegedly murdered a masseuse he contacted through the site. (Perhaps Seattle's thwarted episode factored in as well.)

But law enforcement crackdowns on Craigslist have been a long time coming, as the feature story SW ran a couple weeks ago recounts, starting with the story of a young woman, Katherine Olson, who was murdered after answering an ad for a nanny, and whose family befriended Craig Newmark, the company's founder. The story goes on to detail Connecticut AG Richard Blumenthal's campaign to regulate the company. (Blumenthal was among the AG's involved in achieving today's agreement.) It's well worth a read.

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