Community Transit Buses vs. Sound Transit Trains: One of Them Gets Priority at Stoplights

Last week, Snohomish County's Community Transit unveiled its Swift buses, the "bus rapid transit" buses that will function a lot like Metro's RapidRide buses. They use express lanes, have fewer stops, and require users to pay off-site. However, one thing about them really stood out. Says the Everett Herald, "They even have priority at traffic signals."

Sound Transit's East Link trains, by contrast, will wait at stoplights while the Michael Boltons of the world roll slowly past in cross traffic, boldly bumping Scarface until the arrival of a person of color makes them nervous.

On a semi-related note, Community Transit is also bringing back the double-decker.

Finally, to be fair, Sound Transit's light rail trains will get priority at most signals--just not those in downtown Bellevue.

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