Bremerton Mayor: The World Ought To Look More Like Greenlake

Last night I was transcribing an interview I did with Bremerton May Cary Bozeman, for another project I'm working on and I stumbled upon this quote. Our conversation took place a couple weeks before he called Seattle's waterfront "an insult to American ingenuity," and suddenly everyone decided that a stone thrown from Bremerton must not go unanswered. Never shy about his affinity for Greenlake, Bozeman takes it one step further here:

"You know the most attractive sight in urban Seattle that attracts young people? You know what it is? Greenlake. Think about it. If you walk around Greenlake, it is a composite of what the world ought to look like in an urban environment: it has older people, it has diverse people, it has straight people, it has young professional people, it has doctors. You have to create those kinds of spaces that are gonna attract a variety of people to create an urban society. When you go down to Harborside Park in the summer, it is packed with kids, young families. We've never seen them in downtown Bremerton before."

As a person who lives in Bremerton and works in Seattle, even the Baranof ranks higher on my list of reasons why I'd move over. But, hey, that's just me.

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