Boats and Bridges and Protests, Oh My!

Tomorrow is the opening of boating season, which means the Montlake Bridge will be closed to cars, which isn't all that different from the normal state of affairs. (Btw, roads will be closed all over the place!)

Opening day also means the Windermere Cup, the local regatta. (FYI to the uninitiated: A regatta is a boat race, not a cheese.) Art Thiel gives a little history on the race, along with the story of a Brazilian coach who fell in love with it via a painting.

Finally, the Windermere Cup will have Windermere-protesters. Mark and Carol DeCoursey, who won their case against the realtor back in October and then won attorney's fees in February, say they will be there with other aggrieved former Windermere customers to protest what they view as the company's predatory business practices. See their flyer here.

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