Your SIFF Map and Exercise Guide

According to SIFF, its five main venues will be SIFF Cinema, Pacific Place, the Uptown, Egyptian, and Harvard Exit. (The satellite cinemas we'll discuss after the jump.) This means that SIFFgoers will have to precisely calculate their schedules and transit time when shuttling between screens during the festival, which runs May 21 through June 14. But thanks to Google Maps, I've been able to devise a walking loop with mileage and projected hiking times as below:


How far is each leg, and how many calories will your burn between movies? Keep reading after the jump...

Waypoint A is the Uptown, closest to where I live. From there, it's an easy 0.4 mile jaunt down Mercer to McCaw Hall, home of SIFF Cinema (F). Elapsed time, 6 minutes. But to reach Pacific Place (C), Google recommends a crooked 1.3 mile hike via Fifth, Denny, and Sixth Avenue. Flat, but not terribly direct or scenic. Google estimates 26 minutes for this leg

Now comes the hard part: an uphill slog from Pacific Place (C) to the Egyptian (D). That's 0.7 miles straight up Pine, an after-work routine many downtown foot commuters know all too well. And there's no time to stop at Linda's for a beer--the movie is about to start! You've only got 17 minutes! Hurry!

Thank god the next leg, to the Harvard Exit (E), is flat. It's 0.7 miles and 13 minutes from one end of Broadway to the other, says Google. Surely now you can collapse after your last movie of the day at the Deluxe for a few cocktails. D'oh! You left your car at SIFF Cinema (F). This creates the final tortuous downhill leg of our journey. Down Roy, along the Lakeview flyover, then the horrible Mercer Mess uphill to Seattle Center. (This includes the narrow, scary sidewalks on the underpass beneath Aurora--SDOT still hasn't fixed the lights in that black pit.) Google estimates 1.7 miles and 33 minutes for this unpleasant, serpentine leg. (Why can't there be a pedestrian overpass above I-5 at Mercer?)

Total trip distance: 4.8 miles. Total time: one hour and 37 minutes. For a fatty like me, walking at 3 mph, that's about 369 calories burned, which is still less than a bag of unbuttered popcorn! (Disclaimer: dietary figures not verified by Google.) So maybe it'll be necessary to march all the way to the Kirkland Performance Center. I could use the workout.

On its Web site (where you can also purchase your passes early), SIFF also notes that, "Additional limited-run venues include Neptune Theatre (May 22-28), Kirkland Performance Center (June 1-7), Admiral Theatre (June 5-11), Northwest Film Forum (May 22-28), Cinerama (June 12-14), Paramount Theatre (May 21/Opening Night), and The Triple Door (June 12/Face the Music Special Presentation)."

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