Why Does State Sen. Steve Hobbs Hate Art?

Jeez, talk about perfect timing. Just as we wrote about all the public art in Seattle, with Brian Tolle's Stronghold prominently mentioned, Lake Stevens State Sen. Steve Hobbs (D) is now demanding that no state money go to out-of-state artists. As The Seattle Times reports, Hobbs first tried to kill the state's 35-year-old 1/2 percent for art program. Failing that, he offered an amendment to the state budget that would restrict the Washington State Arts Commission to funding only state artists--unlike Tolle, who works in New York, notorious land of Jews, homosexuals, Yankees fans, and Communists.

Sen. Hobbs, what did art ever do to you? Steal your lunch money in elementary school? Beat you up on the playground? Did art confuse you, taunt you, belittle you, make you feel intellectually inferior and insecure? From your own state legislature biography page, we learn that you're a sensitive soul deep down. It says: "During his free time, Steve enjoys listening to music and reading. One of his favorite musicians is Huey Lewis."

Sen. Hobbs, Brian Tolle is just as much an artist as Huey Lewis. And Stronghold is, in its own way, just as much an achievement as "I Want a New Drug." (Or more, considering the latter was lifted from "Ghostbusters.") Are your constituents aware that your favorite musician wants a new drug? Brian Tolle doesn't want a new drug. Stronghold doesn't want a new drug. Why do you hate art, Sen. Hobbs, and why are you endorsing drugs? Our children deserve an answer. Or do you hate children, too?

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