What's Good for the Democrats? Who Cares?

Upon hearing yesterday's news that former anchor and Republican Susan Hutchison was throwing her hat in the ring for King County Executive, state Democratic Chair Dwight Pelz exploded. "This is why the Republicans ran the initiative to make it a nonpartisan office--to sneak a right-winger like Susan Hutchinson past the voters of King County," Pelz told The Seattle Times.

My feeling on the matter: Make 'em all non-partisan.

Why should voters need a party label to attach to candidates to decide whether or not they agree with them on issues? Who it really matters to are the political parties, whose main preoccupation--even during this world economic crisis--seems to be keeping score on who's up and who's down. The media too. I'm constantly amazed at how many of the most important news developments, like the stimulus proposals, are analyzed in terms of which party (or politician) they help or hurt. Who gives a shit? What I want to know is, will they help get us out of this?

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