There's Nothing Like Starting April With 37 Degrees and Rain

It's nice outside, eh? UW Prof and Seattle weather expert Cliff Mass has previously explained to us why our winter sucked, and now on his own blog, he explains why the same is holding true for our spring. Apparently, the culprit is a "a ridge over the eastern Pacific and a trough somewhere over our region," proving once again that troughs are good for only two things--pigs and pissing.

The National Weather Service says the rest of our spring will be cold, and Mass seems to agree. But it probably won't be as cold as last spring, which Mass notes had the fewest "barbecue index" days (i.e. days topping 60 degrees) of any spring since 1918.

On a vaguely meteorologically-related note, the Internet is supposed to have everything, yet I can find no reference to King 5 weatherman Jeff Renner's epic Ron Burgundy combo of the turtleneck and the elbow-patched jacket. (There is, however, a Yelp page for his mustache.) Was that outfit a figment of my imagination?

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