There's a Job for You Somewhere

Unemployment is high and getting higher, and the Big B is fixing to lower the boom, so it figures that today's UW job fair--which features big employers like Alaska Airlines and T-Mobile and is open to the general public--is going to be crowded.

But a conventional job fair isn't the only way to find employment. Tough times call for creative solutions. "Never waste a crisis," has become a familiar refrain among government leaders pushing new programs. In that spirit, businesses are hiring more costumed barkers to advertise in the streets. If you can dance while wearing a costume, you may have what it takes.

Finally, it's worth noting that while the UW is holding a job fair today, craigslist is holding one everyday. Among the opportunities a quick search of its postings presented:

Chippendale want-a-bee [sic]

SMOKING - $80+ Billion per year Industry. Be part of it now!

Dog Swim Coach

Happy hunting!

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