The Venture Brothers, Season 3: The 1,283th Time Around, It's Still Hilarious

venture brothers.jpg
DVD: The Venture Brothers, Season 3

Release date: March 24

Cost: $24 on the [adult swim] site, but I've seen it for $17.99 and cheaper online.

I've been getting really impatient for the fourth season of [adult swim]'s best show, The Venture Brothers, to come out. Unfortunately, that's not happening until at least October, so in the interim, I've been rewatching all of the previous seasons for-- here I go, embarrassing myself publicly again-- at least the fourth or fifth time. Yes, I have a problem. A problem that was only exacerbated by receiving The Venture Brothers: Season 3, in the mail. Which is a show that, even though I've watched every episode about twenty times apiece by now, couldn't possibly be improved upon. When it comes to detailing the trials and tribulations of costumed villains and their harassed, pill-popping, unscrupulous nemeses, Jackson Publick pretty much hit the nail on the head. It's sort of like a cartoon superhero Behind The Music.

Actually, the only thing that this show does need is some more fans. Whenever I try to talk to someone about how awesome it is, I almost always get a blank stare in return. It's sort of like when I dressed up as Birdgirl last Halloween, along with my boyfriend, who was Harvey Birdman. You know, from that old [adult swim] show, for which Stephen Colbert did one of the voices? Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law? No? Doesn't ring a bell? I'm not surprised. Two Halloweens later, not a single solitary person has ever been able to identify who we were, or had heard of the show, which in my mind is a serious contender (along with Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Sealab) for best [adult swim] show of all time. This could be because The Venture Brothers, unlike most cartoons, requires you to watch the show from the beginning to catch all of the jokes. This could be because teenagers watch [adult swim] more than, you know "real" adults do. Or it could be because I'm hanging out with a bunch of Philistines. I mean, come on: what are you going to do with your next rainy day? Watch Grey's Anatomy DVDs? Ick.

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