The Legendary M's Quiz

If you're really a Mariners fan, then you'll know that the M's first year leadoff batter, the legendary Dave Collins, also scored the team's first run, singling after going hitless in the first two games. And you'd know that, as the designated hitter, he exclaimed afterwards: "I finally found out what I was designated to hit."

You probably also know that in another game that legendary first year, catcher Bob Stinson and infielder Bill Stein converged on a fly ball which neither caught. The reason? Pitcher Enrique Romo, whose job it was to call out the name of the player who should field the ball, did not speak English.

And that Rick Honeycutt once hid a tack in his pitching glove, Lenny Randle blew a grounder foul, and another legendary event occurred on July 21, 1978, in Cleveland, when the M's tied the record for striking out four times in one inning: Danny Meyer went down swinging, but Cleveland's catcher dropped the ball and Meyer made it safely to first. Seeing a chance for history, the next three M's struck out in order.

Get out your scratchsheets and do the legendary M's quiz here.

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