The Endless Oly Session

It's been a tough year for state legislators. Facing a nearly $9 billion shortfall, cuts had to be made and I doubt anyone will be returning home to a ticker-tape parade. ("The budget contains plenty of pain and sacrifice for Washingtonians," Gov. Christine Gregoire said in a press release last Friday.)

That said, the date for getting back to constituents will likely be pushed back. According to the Seattle Times, Gregoire is expected to call a special session to tie up loose ends. She's holding a press conference now.

You can find a list of everything that made it to Gregoire's desk and received her stamp of approval on her Web site. The Times has a list of some of the big winners, including the viaduct replacement and domestic partnerships.

Some of the other bills we were tracking, payday lending regulations and the King County lifeboat bill, made it to the Governor's desk, but don't have a signature. They can still pass. May 19 is the "uber-deadline" as a Gregoire spokesperson described it, when anything without the Gov's John Hancock is left for dead.

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