Teeing Off on Tea Parties: "This Has to Be the Worst Reenactment of a Historical Event Ever"

Braden Van Dragt
Yesterday, as you know if you watch lots of cable news, believe that the recently-passed budget puts us on the precipice of Mao's China/Stalin's USSR/Mussolini's Italy, and/or walked by Westlake Center at about 5 PM, was Tea Party Day. Braden Van Dragt put together a terrific slideshow of the Westlake event and Don Ward provided coverage of the Olympia version.

Meanwhile, at the P-I, David Horsey inveighs in a lengthy blog post against the illogic of the protests, which in turn spurs a bevy of angry comments. But for my money, the best Tea Party takedown is this Taibbi-styled entry from my friend Nirav. Sayeth he,

[T]his has to be the worst reenactment of a historical event ever. These dipshits are purchasing tea from their local stores (on which they will pay all applicable taxes) with their own money and then proceeding to throw away their property in order to protest the acts of their duly elected representative legislature and executive, which has recently lowered taxes for the majority of the protestors. You showed us!

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