Synergy Alert! Nintendo To Hand Out Gadgets to Mariners Fans

Nintendo says the new devices were inspired by the movie Wall-E.
The Seattle Times reports that Redmond-based Nintendo--owners of the Mariners--will be loaning its new DSi handheld game systems to the first 150 fans who request them at each game. The DSis are little screens that let you check out game stats from around the league, watch broadcasts of the game going on in in front of you, order food and drinks, and send messages to other users.

Now, given this last capacity, let's think about who we're dealing with here: The Seattle Mariners got their profitable panties in a bunch over "Yankees Suck" t-shirts and then scored national attention for a disputed crackdown on girl-girl kissing. How long before a device that allows fans to message other fans results in another moral panic?

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