Shocker! Successful Author in Happy Marriage

The "Vows" section in The New York Times' Sunday Styles section is a guilty pleasure, because all the happy newlyweds make you feel so shitty about your own love life, so guilty because you haven't attained the same level of romantic or professional fulfillment as those profiled. So it is with Seattle novelist Garth Stein, who with his wife, Andrea Perlbinder, is subject of this nice follow-up to their original 1993 wedding announcement. As we wrote last year, Stein got the full Starbucks push for his second novel, The Art of Racing in the Rain, which became a bestseller. A Shoreline native who lived for many years in New York (where he met his future wife), Stein is a filmmaker-turned-writer with media smarts and his own Web site for his latest novel. So maybe his next book should be about happily raising a family after you flee your bohemian existence in NYC for the seemingly serene surroundings of Seattle? Not that he's lacking for ideas. Or publicity.

Image above: Stein and his family dog, Comet. (Photo by Frank Huster)

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