Seattle and Bremerton: In the Ring

Chris Kornelis
Bremerton in the shadows on Tuesday, April 14.

The taste-making blogs in the cities -- Bremerton Beat and Big Blog, respectively -- are throwing shit at each other. It all started (and I'm paraphrasing "slightly") when the mayor of Bremerton pointed out that the 25 feet of waterfront of the city's downtown is more attractive than the 25,000,000 feet of waterfront in Seattle. Whatever. There are more than two places to drink on Seattle's waterfront...but are there more than five people who are proud of it?

Alright, I promised myself I wouldn't take sides, but I feel compelled to point out, once again that a) people who pick on Bremerton for being as foul as puss-stained athletic socks are traveling down a well-beaten path, so please save your breath. 2) And I'm sure I've pointed this out before: Every one of you lamenting Seattle's gentrification, who wish your precious neighborhoods (Ballard, anyone?) had never been developed and had remained blue collar enclaves should MOVE YOUR ASSES TO BREMERTON, which is still a blue collar enclave. In fact, it's a blue collar naval, and it has a bar called the Fuzzy Naval, on Naval Avenue, right by the Puget Sound NAVAL Shipyard. How quaint, right? Your new old Ballard is waiting, y'all.

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