Robin Williams Movie, Made in Seattle, Will Return to Seattle

Shot here in Seattle, on locations including the alley behind our office, the dark comedy World's Greatest Dad just signed a distribution deal with Magnolia Pictures. As we reported last year, Williams made a few comedy club appearances during the shooting of Bobcat Goldthwait's movie, about a father who fakes a bestselling memoir by his horrid teen son (who committed suicide). Dark stuff, from the writer-director of Shakes the Clown.

Entertainment blog The Wrap first reported the deal. Magnolia is the same company that picked up local director Lynn Shelton's Humpday, which also played Sundance with WGD. Magnolia will employ the same strange release strategy for both films: first permit digital home viewing via the HD Net service; then screen the movies in cinemas. (Landmark Theatres is also owned by Internet billionaire Mark Cuban, aka the Dallas Mavericks-Dancing With the Stars dude.) WGD is expected in theaters this August, as is Humpday. Of course, from a marketing standpoint, Magnolia would be wise to first show both titles at a large, sympathetic film festival in the city where they were made. But the company probably knows that.

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