Reno 911! Returns

There's a recession going on, and that's why we need basic cable. For those of us who can't afford HBO, Comedy Central is returning Reno 911! for its sixth season tonight (yes, April Fool's Day), at 10:30 p.m.

Like the reality show COPS, on which it's based, Reno looks to the bottomless bottom of society for inspiration. Try to be smart, and you'll eventually run out of ideas. But there's an endless reservoir of stupidity to draw from among the petty perps and clueless lawmen who pursue them. No matter if the Miami-set movie didn't work so well; the series remains resilient because the short-shorted Thomas Lennon (as Lt. Dangle) and his improv company troupe excel at quick hits of incompetence and absurdity. In the season opener, guest star Jonah Hill (Superbad) plays a fired yuppie who refuses to be ejected from his office. But wait, what was the address for that radio call? My favorite bit has to be the KKK wine snobs who try to buy off the cops with free vino. Oenophiles and racism--are they related? Only Reno would dare to stomp those grapes together.

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