Looking for a Job? Qwest Field's Looking for You

You could watch this while you're working! Photo by Chris Favro
Given the state's unemployment rate, it seems worth noting whenever there's a job fair. Last time we had a big one--at the University of Washington--the line of job-seekers went out the door and down the block.

Fortunately, Qwest Field has more capacity than the UW's student union building (at least when the Sounders aren't closing off half the stadium to make it feel full), so today's job fair there shouldn't be that hard to get into. (It's actually in Qwest Field's Plaza, from 2-8 PM.) They're looking for year-round, part-time workers for "Seahawks games, Sounders FC matches, stadium concerts and other sporting events such as Supercross and college football games."

If that doesn't work, you can always search Craigslist or become a mascot.

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