Honorary Olden Polynice Award: Kirkland Leash Law Vigilante

Remember Olden Polynice? He's the muscular, mediocre center the Sonics traded future Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen for in 1987? The one who, on his second run with the team, nearly cost the Sonics a win against his former Sacramento Kings by performing celebratory pelvic thrusts as the player he was supposed to be guarding, Peja Stojakovic, managed to get off a three-point shot to send the game into overtime?

If you do remember him, you probably remember how he got busted for following another driver home after the guy allegedly cut him off, then threatened the guy and presented himself as a police officer by flashing his honorary badge. And you'll probably be reminded of him when you hear that there's a badge-wearing dude in Kirkland parks approaching dog owners who don't have leashes and threatening them with $250 fines.

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