Lawyers, Guns and Money

President Barack Obama is currently holding a joint press conference with President Felipe Calderon. Both are blaming America for the influx of guns being run into Mexican border towns being used by drug traffickers. That's bad. Muy mal.

What looks like the beginnings of another political suicide pact for his party, Obama certainly seems to be making all the noise of re-implementing an "assault weapons" ban in order to - not fight crime in the U.S. - but in Mexico. That may be the first time a president has advocated violating constitutional rights in favor of a foreign power.

The issue is being labeled a failure of the War on Drugs. In actuality, it's a failure by this Administration (and the Bush Administration before it) to make border security a priority. A year or two ago folks were warning about this very issue. Border security, immigration reform, border fence, National Guard troops. That sort of thing. Whether you agree with the issue or not, if you stop people from crossing the border illegally, then you'll also stop the gun runners and drug smugglers as well.

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