Krikee!!! Hunter Now In Executive Race


That would be Eastside legislator Ross Hunter. Long-rumored to be in the running, the six-year Democratic state representative made the announcement that he was seeking the county's top job yesterday; apparently breaking the news at a "Drinking Liberally" event, hosted by liberal and progressive bloggers. Auspicious.

This brings the number of candidates seeking the County Executive post to five with "non-partisan" Democratic county councilmembers Larry Phillips and Dow Constantine seeking the post, Mercer Island state senator and RINO-turned-Democrat Fred Jarrett along with former KIRO television anchor Susan Hutchison (scary, evil, church goin' Republican she). That has the makings of a basketball team at any rate.

Hunter broke the color barrier, so to speak, by being the first "Blue" politician to be elected in "Red State" Bellevue back in 2002. He is also Chair of the State House Finance Committee, which is a political asset or liability depending on ones view on how things are shaping up in Olympia.

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