Beer Taps by Bruno Girin , used under Creative Commons 2.0 license .
After an intense battle, it appears Microsofties will be able to get


Tragedy of "The Commons" Averted? Microsofties Get to Keep Pub, Kinda

Beer Taps by Bruno Girin, used under Creative Commons 2.0 license.
After an intense battle, it appears Microsofties will be able to get microbrewies on tap at their Redmond campus. The Commons, the software company's giant, all-purpose shopping/recreation center, opens today. It's kinda like a Vegas casino minus the casino part: only in Vegas casinos do you find these hokey, not-quite-life-scale recreations of real-life tourist attractions. (Like a Vegas casino, Microsoft also has its own shuttle.) But the most notable component of The Commons is its pub--another branch of Belltown's Spitfire.

It didn't come easy. As opening day approached, Microsoft got cold feet about having a drinking establishment on campus and announced that it would cancel the contract, leading the Spitfire to lay off a bunch of the people it had hired to staff the new establishment.

The cancellation led to an uproar apparently akin to the one produced when the software giant briefly ended complimentary towel service at its employee gyms. A Facebook group dedicated to bringing the pub back got nearly 1,000 members. Microsoft relented, though the pub will now serve alcohol only after 3 PM and only to scheduled groups. Scheduled groups, that is, that are willing to fork over the $250 reservation fee. It's like bottle service, only a lot dorkier.

So far, the Facebookers seem unsatisfied. Among their reactions:

They do it, so why shouldn't we?

It seems hypocritical for MS to set up the pub this way inasmuch as many FTE's routinely line their office refrigerators with beer.

They don't do it, so why shouldn't we?

Hey, here in Kuwait alcohol is banned and just look how much useful software comes out of the place - ditto for Saudi Arabia and Iran. Go figure.


This whole fiasco is ridiculous.

And our favorite, Empowered defiance

"As all of campus has a liquor licence, is there anything stopping us bringing our own six-packs/keg to the Commons area? Its a really nice space on days like today. Shame to waste it by *not* drinking, frankly."

I'd do it, then wait for someone to try and stop me...

Finally, the pub's owner, Jonathan Sposato, weighs in with thanks and some reassuring geek-speak:

while most of you are excited we're back, i realize that not everyone may be satisfied with the new scenario. to those folks i offer some words of encouragement; we'll get there. like everything else at msft, v2 will surpass v1. let's prove v1 out and rock this, and we'll all live to fight another day :-)

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