A Chat with Keri Robinson: Queen of the Pink-Slipped, Lady of Leisure, Revolutionary

Twice laid off in a period of three years, Keri Robinson grew tired of the discouragement of job searching. "I was just like, 'Here I am in my house pants...I gotta get out!' You cannot job search all day or you're gonna stick a fork in your eye.'"

So she created the blog Lords and Ladies of Leisure (see her explanation of house pants and levels 1-5 thereof--5 being the most acceptable for public display), which has turned into the burgeoning social revolution of the same name, which has brought her to the brink of full-blown local stardom. First, she was featured on the virtual pages of West Seattle Blog, and last night King-5 put her on TV. "I was always that clown that said, 'One day I am gonna be on Ellen for something."

But back to LOL, as she calls it on the eponymous blog. It's a collection of pink-slipped folks who get together for moral support, often at happy hours. "After you put your resume in that black hole, you can't just sit around waiting," she explains. "So we hit the happy hours early. We're all on a budget, so we try to get a couple drinks in [while they're cheap]. We're on the clock; it's just a different clock."

How does the group deal when one of its members gets jobs? "We haven't lost anyone yet," she says. But if they do, "I think we'll have to do some sort of ceremony releasing them. And celebrating them at the same time."

And what happens if she--the charismatic leader--has to return to the 9 to 5?

"I'm kinda nervous, cuz I don't wanna leave these people floating without me," she says. "I'll probably hand over the reins to one of my Pink Slip Ladies. There are a number of qualified candidates."

While she wants a job, she doesn't seem eager to give up this life of merry organizing. "I'm trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up. I'm really liking this Pink Slip thing--bringing people together to create humor and fun. I've always been the connector."

Given those skills and her description of LOL as a "revolution", might she consider a run for one of the many offices up for election in November?

"No way," she says, laughing. "Politics are no fun...But I really want to do a Pink Slip Olympics, like they did in New York. Like, you've got 25 bucks, you need to go to the grocery store and get four meals and booze. I'm gonna try to make this happen even if I do get a job...Really, I'm just trying to get the word out, get people to bust out of their house pants...or bust out in their level 5 house pants."

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