Breaking: Adriana Grant Is Trapped in an Elevated Teeter-Totter at Lawrimore Project and Needs Food!


Well, not quite yet. But she will be soon. At around 10 this morning, Adriana and her partner, the photographer Peter Mumford, are climbing into Alex Schweder and NYC artist Ward Shelly's fascinating suspended structure at Lawrimore Project and will be spending 48 hours there together.

The piece, called Stability, is a truss-like living space placed atop a single pivot, requiring its inhabitants to balance each other at either end as they pass their days and nights together. The creators themselves spent a week there, and now Adriana will be taking a turn so she can write about the experience for us next week.

While there, she and Peter would love to have some visitors to interact with! The gallery is open from 10 to 5:30 and located at 831 Airport Way South. They also, in all seriousness, wouldn't mind a little bit of food, if you're so moved. But no take 'n' bake pizza! The module only has a hot plate.

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