Alaska Loses, the Rest of Us Win

On Wednesday (i.e. April Fool's Day), we learned that Ted Stevens (a.k.a. Washington's Third Senator) will no longer be facing jail time for his ethics violations--because the Department of Justice committed ethics violations in its prosecution of him.

Well, now that Stevens' good name has been cleared, fellow inquiry-magnet and friend of Seattle-area fishing businesses Don Young has an idea for the old codger: run for governor.

Does he mean in 2010, against none other than Sarah Palin, setting up what would be the funniest, most fascinating gubernatorial battle we can imagine? You betcha! Mr. "Series of Tubes" vs. Ms. "I Can See Russia From Here" would be political theater of the highest order, a gift to absurdity junkies and late-night TV hosts across the land. Thus, with apologies to Alaska, we must echo Rep. Young: Run, Ted, run!

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