Perks of New Media: Shop Cats and Roof-Dwelling Raccoons

The demise of the newspaper-as-we-know-it has led to a lot of anxiety about where we'll get original reporting, particularly of the investigative variety. But as Chris Kornelis rightly noted after one of those big hand-wringing forums, West Seattle Blog is leading the pack in demonstrating an effective new model. Of this new model's many strengths--excellent neighborhood coverage is but one of them--the opportunity to profile shop cats has gone unnoticed.

Shop cats are those felines that kick it in places of commerce, and WSB is apparently doing a series of profiles on them. As you know, we love us some cats, so this is a pretty exciting development. This week's cats are Presta and Schrader, who are named after bicycle air-valve brands and who spend their days at Aaron's Bicycle Repair.

Bonus neighborhood blog animal cuteness: MyBallard's awesome raccoons.

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