A Job Opening For Local Out Of Work Reporters

The City of Seattle may have a $43 million projected deficit this year. But it's good to know that the most important services are still being kept in the budget. Which is why, after glancing through the media job site Journalismjobs.com it was a relief to see the position for the City Council's communications manager is still open.

Some wags might raise an eyebrow and ask why a $72,000 to $108,000 a year line item on a budget (not counting the cost for benefits, payroll taxes, etc.) needs to be filled? The answer is, silly, who else can write press releases for the City Council that'll get copied verbatim by newspaper and television reporters? Surely not any of the council aides or staffers also being employed.

That's why the ad was run in Journalismjobs to begin with because it's against a reporter's ethics to draw logical correlations about excessive governmental spending. Especially when the only other local job openings pay around $30,000 at community newspapers in Moses Lake, Chelan County or Gig Harbor.

Hand + Feed > Bite

The only question is what "progressively responsible" local reporter will get the gig? Hopefully someone soon because there are only 59 public information officers employed by the city.

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