A-Rod Juicing All Along, Undertipping at Hooters?

Who knows if it's true, but it's certainly believable. According to the New York Daily News, a forthcoming book by Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts--who broke the story of former Mariner Alex Rodriguez's positive steroid test--alleges that Rodriguez used steroids as early as high school and as recently as with the Yankees, his current team.

"A-Rod", which will be released on May 12th, reportedly also details how the slugger's Yankee teammates made fun of his newfound cleavage (just as we did here), dubbing him "Bitch Tits". Other claims in the book: A-Rod used HGH, tipped pitches to friends on opposing teams in blowout games (hoping they'd do the same for him, so they could all boost their hitting numbers), and was hated at Hooters for tipping only 15% on his bills.

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