Where the P-I Went

What happened to those 100-plus members of the P-I staff after the print edition folded - and didn't stay on at the ePI? Rebekah Denn, who is one of them, is making at list. The former P-I food writer/critic keeps a running count on who went where, via her own web site, Eat All About It, which is where she went.

More than a few others have also migrated to web sites, she reports, including photogs Gilbert Arias, Paul Joseph Brown, Karen Ducey, Meryl Schenker, Robert Sumner, and Jim Bryant, and a number of writers have turned to blogging: Cecilia Goodnow, Regina Hackett, Leslie Kelly, and Philippa Kiraly. Also with their own websites or blogging - and doing other work - are investigative reporter Andrew Schneider, aerospace writer Jim Wallace, pop music writer Gene Stout, reporter Jennifer Langston, environmental writers Lisa Stiffler and Robert McClure, editor John Levesque, and graphic artist Wendy Wahman.

Former copy editor Christina Okeson has a blog, too. It's called Chrisitina Unemployed. What did she do yesterday, for example? She decorated her site with an empty couch. She also accomplished "the utter glory of motherhood, which included watching old sci-fi movies then baking a cake with The Boy, and loving The Girl when she fell asleep in my arms (Mama bliss!). More cleaning of my scrapping area. A bit of job hunting. Installed and took a quick tour of my new camera..." And she's working on her unemployment application.

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