USS Mariner Scribe Gets Gig With Wall Street Journal

Now featuring Dave Cameron!
Local baseball fans and stat geeks are well aware of Dave Cameron, the USS Mariner blogger who delights with his humor and trenchant analysis, and who taught Felix Hernandez the importance of varying his pitch selection. This morning he announced that he'd published his first column in the Wall Street Journal, where he'll be writing about baseball all summer.

The inaugural entry is something of an outlier, as Cameron actually writes about college basketball and the role of luck therein. Basically, some teams have records better than their performance indicates they should (kind of like the 2007 Mariners), and those teams aren't smart to bet on for the tournament.

The ratings Cameron discusses are the brainchild of Ken Pomeroy, whose computer can also tell you which games will be entertaining. And for what it's worth, that computer says that Gonzaga is better than UW, that they're roughly equally lucky, but that UW is more consistent (and thus less likely to be a tournament fluke.)

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