The World's Game Came to Seattle


Plus-one is one of the 22,000 people who bought Sounders season tickets, so he brought me last night for their inaugural game at Qwest Field to see them beat the New York Red Bulls (3-0, which I'm told is a blowout in soccer terms); to see the opening ceremonies with a parade of flags representing the 192 soccer-playing nations; to see Drew Carey (one of the team's owners); to hear Gov. Gregoire get booed (???); to hear the marching band--apparently the Sounders are the only Major League team that has one; to pay $14 for chicken-and-fried-rice and a Jones soda; and to wave my wasabi-green scarf. I'm not convinced that "Scarves Up!" is the most stirring battle cry we could come up with, but the fans got fired up anyway. I learned quite a bit about the game--I'd thought "pitch" and "keeper' were terms J.K. Rowling had invented for Quidditch, but no.

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