The P-I's Curtain Call

You can't, at this writing, find these stories on the P-I's home page, as the paper prints its final edition Tuesday. But here are a few links to what you'll read in the a.m.:

-Memories of the P-I as a locked ward: Tom Robbins wore a gorilla suit. By Carol Smith.

-The P-I's character history runs deep: "There was a reason why the old newsroom phone list [included] the Grove Bar..." By Mike Lewis.

-Voice to the powerless: The P-I's investigations - "Who feared us?". By David McCumber.

-Why the P-I was different: "You P-I guys are fun to fly with because you aren't afraid to die." By Eric Nalder.

-Last column: "What will I miss most? ...the people." Robert Jamieson Jr. signs off.

-And others...

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