P-I Globe: Landmark Baller?

Last seen on these pages living the high life with the likes of Lil Wayne, Lil Kim, and Art Thiel, the P-I Globe today found himself the subject of a landmark nomination from City Councilmembers Tim Burgess, Sally Clark, and Jean Godden.

Here's an idea: Landmark park. The Hat 'n' Boots already sits in Georgetown's Oxbow Park. There's a decent chance the pink elephant will be relocated if Clise manages to sell its giant swath of upzoned land. And the P-I may no longer be at its waterfront digs. It would be fun if there were one place to go for all this oversized, neon splendor.

Council press release after the jump:


Burgess, Clark, Godden to nominate landmark for historical


SEATTLE - Seattle City Councilmembers Tim Burgess, Sally Clark and Jean

Godden - all former news reporters - are calling for the Seattle P-I

Globe to be designated as a historical landmark by the Landmarks

Preservation Board. The Councilmembers will be working with P-I alums

and plan on submitting a formal application and other paperwork next

week. If accepted the designation would provide protection for this 18

ton, 3-story high historical visual icon as long as it remains in


"To me the globe represents a part of Seattle's journalistic

history which needs to be kept alive for future generations," said

Councilmember and former P-I Columnist, Jean Godden.

Councilmember Sally Clark, chair of the Planning, Land Use and

Neighborhoods Committee and a former print journalist, called for quick

action on designation given the recent demise of the city's oldest

continually operating newspaper. "We can't act too soon to ensure

the P-I's contributions to our community are not forgotten."

"As a former radio journalist and longtime Seattleite I can't

imagine our skyline without the reassuring glow of the globe - a symbol

of high journalistic standards," said Councilmember Tim Burgess.

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