The Long, Slow, Sweet Fall of Aubrey McClendon

If you believe in such things, you might think that team-stealing, gay-hating former-Sonics owner Aubrey McClendon is the antichrist. But that would make the antichrist comically inept.

Those of you who have been wishing ill on this Jerry Springer doppelganger are seeing that wish granted repeatedly--with a big assist from the man himself. McClendon's fall has been long, slow, and sweet:

First, he got himself stuck with a $1.92 billion margin call. Then, he had to auction off his wine collection to get some cash. Now he and other Chesapeake Energy officers are facing a class-action lawsuit from shareholders for failing to disclose everything from a failure to properly hedge against natural gas price fluctuations to bidding up prices to inflate their stock price.

To top it all off, McClendon's personal financial troubles may be hamstringing the team he took--ESPN's Bill Simmons reports that OKC's cold feet over Tyson Chandler may have had less to do with Chandler's toe injury than with McClendon's dwindling fortune:

The Team That Shall Not Be Named vetoed the trade because it "didn't like his physical" (or, as many insiders believe, because co-owner Aubrey McClendon had second thoughts about taking on Chandler's contract since McClendon reportedly lost close to $2 billion in the Wall Street crash).

Enjoy the fall, Aubrey. (We know we sure will.) It's a long way to the bottom!

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