Which Seattle-Area TV Experience Is Least Likely To Make You Dumber?

1) Attending the filming of Nightline's Satan/No Such Thing debate at Mars Hill Church tonight. (By invitation only.) Mark Driscoll and the founder of Hookers for Jesus face off against Deepak Chopra and Carlton Pearson (who at least is the subject of a good episode of This American Life). If everybody's on their game, Nightline may graduate them to a thrilling round table entitled "Less Filling/Tastes Great".

2) Watching episodes of The Bachelor, the series in which Kirkland resident Jason Reznick creates a YouTube treasure-trove of pained, melodramatic, weasily indecisive manwhoring for his young son to be teased about in five years.

3) Watching Justin Timberlake's "The Phone". Shit blows up. Kids scream. The villain has a foreign accent, of course.

4) Going to Ballard to stare--from a distance--at a motionless, dry-docked boat from "The Deadliest Catch".

We'll go with 4.

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