Obama's Big Talk Tonight

President Barack Obama is going to be speaking to the country about the economy, tonight on all the major television networks. You can take bets on whether the stock market will continue to recover afterwards... or will it take a groaning dump?

Just one request though to the President. Don't repeat your "60 Minutes" performance with Steve Kroft. Seriously. The completely out of context laughing thing was kinda creepy. After watching that clip, even if you were The Joker, it would freak you out. Did Obama stumble on some of Bill Clinton's leftover Presidential stash beforehand?

Any lesser politician in a highly scripted and edited interview like that - read Gov. Sarah Palin - would be destroyed if they wound up with a case of the giggles. So tonight, Mr. President, please make sure you have Joe Biden tell one of his childhood anecdotes about growing up in a blue collar town.

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