MTV Pays Us Another Visit

After doing a double-shot at Duke's Chowderhouse and blowing up West Seattle, the fine folks at MTV have returned to the Great Northwest.

On an episode of MADE--the show that covers kids trying to pick up new skills and that's named after a mafia rite of passage--Tahoma High girly girls Jenna Fernandez and Sabrina Roberts decide they want to become mixed martial artists. (For the real MMA deal, see Cindy Hales).

After passing the audition (off-camera, of course), they're summoned to Quantum, a non-profit martial arts school in South Lake Union, where tatted-up black belt Brenda Brown shows remarkable patience in guiding them to their yellow belts. (For example, without letting her know, the girls skip out on a training session to go shopping.) The episode culminates in a mano-a-mano battle in front of their entire school, but not before their friendship is tested. Declares an angry Jenna:

She's like "Yeah, I'm totally gonna win." And "I'm like, LOL!"

Quantum media coordinator Domingo Martinez says that the girls remain students at the school and that "(t)he conflict was fairly...let's the editing." But of course that makes it more fun. The show's running regularly on MTV and can also be watched online.

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