Micah Downs Breaks Venoy Overton's Ankles With a Behind-the-Back Crossover Dribble

Venoy can't guard me! Secret Service can't guard me!
When Gonzaga plays #1 seed North Carolina in the Sweet 16 tonight, their starting small forward will be Seattle-area native Micah Downs. As the Seattle Times points out, it's been a long road for Downs, who is finally a senior. Thanks in part to what the article describes as an overbearing father hell-bent on getting his son in the NBA, Downs attended 7 high schools in 4 years, finishing at Kirkland's Juanita.

But get this: Lorenzo Romar recently called Venoy Overton one of the two best on-ball defender's he's ever seen. And while's he's a good athlete, Downs is primarily a spot-up shooter. That's why we were shocked to find that the first entry in the Times' slideshow is a 2004 photo that appears to show Juanita's Downs breaking the ankles of Franklin's Overton with a nasty behind-the-back crossover. I guess like they say, the sun even shines on a dog's ass sometimes.*

*The saying's never really made sense to me. Dogs don't wear anything on their asses, so shouldn't those asses be getting plenty of sunshine?

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