Hey, Earmarks, Cantwell's Just Not That Into You...or Maybe She Is

Earmark. Get it?!
It's no secret that our senior senator, Patty Murray, is comfortable bringing home the bacon. After all, she recognizes that, unlike vegetarians, states can't survive without it. But what about Maria Cantwell?

In an article that came out yesterday, McClatchy notes that Cantwell touted the earmarks she was able to get into the Senate's spending bill while simultaneously supporting John McCain's amendment to strip all earmarks from it. Cantwell, who ranks 49th in the Senate in procuring earmarks (a statistic that may be a deflated by Murray's prolificity, kind of like when a basketball player has a teammate who grabs all the rebounds) was one of only four Democrats to support McCain's amendment, a decision that the article says "raised eyebrows among some of her Democratic colleagues."

We left a message with Cantwell's press secretary seeking comment and will update when we get one.

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