Looking for a Job? Former Drug Kingpin Needs Help with Memoirs


This could be fun:

Writer Wanted For Ex North Idaho Drug Kingpin: Looking for someone to write life story, unique story, unique Individual. Story consists of dealings with Colombians,Cubans, Mexican Federallies, 16 years in prison hanging out with mafia members from the Phildelphia Scarfo gang, Charlie iannache, Anthony Pungitore, Gene Gotti-brother of John Gotti of the New York Mafia, being successful jail house lawyer. Story begins with the consequences for a boy with a gifted IQ who deals with uniagnosed ADHD and the path he takes in life through taking over the underbelly of the drug world,prison,self inflicted extrodinary rehabilitation efforts to his succesfull entrance back into society. This isnt some run of the mill drug dealer story!

The ad says that the writer will be compensated with the proceeds of the book, though beware Son of Sam Laws. The UK is about to enact its own.

And while this individual's story sounds fascinating, it'll have a hard time topping that of cannabis kingpin Howard Marks, who went from a small-time dealer as an Oxford philosophy post-doc to a global magnate with 43 aliases, 89 phone lines, and 25 businesses for laundering his drug profits.

He beat his first set of charges by claiming that he was doing intelligence work for MI6 when he was transporting tons of hash to Mexico, but later ended up in a US federal prison, where he became BFF with everyone from Crips to Hell's Angels. Anyone looking for spring break reading could do a lot worse than his autobiography, Mr. Nice.

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