King County Government Shutting Down for One Day

King County's legislative branch has just announced that it will take "an unpaid furlough" for one day, tomorrow on Friday. This is one of ten unpaid furloughs that have been implemented as a cost savings measure to bridge the county's budget deficit.

A total 154 employees will be getting a head start on Crystal Mountain, manana. According to the county budget office, the furlough program is projected to save $8.5 million from general fund and $14.3 million from non-general fund budgets.

The branches of county government being affected are the County Council, Auditor, Ombudsman, Board of Appeals, Hearing Examiner and Tax Advisor. More disheartening for its audience of dozens of television viewers, King County TV will also be taking the day off.

For those who depend upon government to fill the emptiness in your daily lives, this no doubt comes as a shock. Brace for rioting and insurrection to ensue over the three day weekend. Making matters worse is that since the Ombudsman office will be closed, you will not be able to file a complaint tomorrow about county offices being closed.

One anticipates a post-apocalyptic society where Snake Plissken-esque characters battle each other to file their tax statements, license their Pomeranian or obtain a permit to cut a patch of blackberries in their backyards.

If you're one of those wags who believe in smaller government, however, you can insert a punchline about not noticing that the county government has been shut down at all. So why not shut the whole damn thing down for two or three days every week?

Of note: Tomorrow's furlough only pertains to the county's legislative branch. The Sheriff's and Prosecutor's Office, Superior and District Court have apparently put together a different furlough schedule.

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